CNA – Day Shift

Assists patients with activities of daily living, provides basic nursing care, and assists in maintenance of a safe and clean environment under the direction and supervision of the registered nurse in charge of the team and/or unit.

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Nurse Assistant Essential Job Functions:

Provides basic nursing care to non-acutely ill patients within the nursing assistant’s scope of practice that includes actions that meet psychosocial needs and physical needs.
Demonstrates performance reflecting the initiative and responsibility expected of a nursing assistant.
Performs other duties as assigned within the nurse assistant’s scope of practice
Assists in admission, transfer, and discharge of patient.
Performs basic patient care responsibilities considering needs specific to the standard of care for the patient’s age.
Notifies appropriate licensed personnel when patient complains of pain or if there is a change in the paitent’s condition.
Demonstrates ability to communicate to the RN any observed changes in patient status and responses. Maintains awareness of the needs of the pediatric, geriatric, and general population.
Demonstrates ability to assist with feeding patients and maintaining fluid balance with technique appropriate for patient’s age and physical condition. Providing daily oral care, bathing, changing bedding and assisting patients in ambulation.
Provides explanation to patient and family prior to administering care to patient; answers questions within scope of practice.
Communicates appropriately and clearly to supervisor, coworkers, and physicians.
Consults other departments as appropriate to provide for an interdisciplinary approach to the patient’s needs.
Provides care appropriate to condition and age of the patient including pediatric, geriatric, and general population.
Performs all aspects of patient care in an environment that optimizes patient safety and reduces the likelihood of medical/health care errors.
Demonstrates an ability to assist physicians with procedures and performs services requiring technical and manual skills under the direction of an RN.
Demonstrates an ability to be flexible, organized, and function under stressful situations.
Responds to patient in emergency or physically distressful situations.
Treats patients and their families with respect and dignity.
Interacts professionally with patient/family and involves them in the formation of the plan of care.
Maintains a good working relationship both within the department and with other departments.
Meets current documentation standards and policies and completes within the shift.
Manages and operates equipment safely and correctly.
Designates basic knowledge of disease conditions.
Medical and surgical asepsis is carried out during treatments and special conditions.

Additional Essential Job Functions:

Prepare rooms for admission
Perform vital signs per physician order
Monitor and record I&O
Empty catheter at end of shift and record results
Answer call light in timely manner and makes sure call light is in reach
Provide fresh water to patients every 4 hours.
Provides personal hygiene to patients & assists with ADLs
Answer the phone and manage call as indicated
Ambulate or reposition patient as directed
Change linen and assure patient room is cleaned
Discard trash and soiled linen at end of shift
Admit and discharge patients per facility policy
Prepare meals and snacks for patients and meals for physicians
Performs blood sugar checks as ordered
Start and empty dishwasher
Clean kitchen and mop floor daily
Clean refrigerator, kitchen drawers, and cabinets monthly
Date and check for outdates per regulation

Nurse Assistant Secondary Job Functions:

Provides innovative input into the development of the hospital environments and its processes
Participates in facility performance improvement activities
Complies with policies and procedures to comply with State and Federal regulations

Nurse Assistant Essential Qualifications:

High school graduate or equivalent
Current BLS certification or ability to obtain within 3 months of employment
Maintains regulatory requirements and completes annual education requirements
Attends the required annual education program
Can interface with computers effectively
Learns new concepts and procedures quickly
Excellent organizational skills
Ability to manage time and appropriately prioritize tasks and responsibilities
Ability to communicate effectively and in a professional and courteous manner with co-workers, vendors and other people in contact with
Adheres to dress code standards
Ability to perform lab testing per lab policies and procedures
Ability to interpret results of test take appropriate action on test results
Knowledge of storage, care and use of each specific cartridge
Knowledge of quality control testing monthly or with each new shipment and proficient testing

Working Conditions:

This position works in varied environments including medical office, acute care facilities, operating rooms and recovery rooms, as well as potential for off premise work and travel. Regularly exposed to patients’ conditions and some unpleasant sights, various odors, noise, bodily fluid and communicable diseases. Constant interaction with co-workers, patients, vendors and general public, which may involve individuals who are angry, upset or ill.

Physical Requirements:

This position is primarily an action position requiring walking, bending, stooping, crawling, squatting and lifting up to 50 pounds. At times must lift up to 75 pounds. Potential for long periods of standing. Must have visual acuity and manual dexterity to interface with the computer and other facility operating systems. Must have auditory acuity to effectively interact with patients and public.

Work Schedule:

Regular schedule is based on patient volume and surgical schedule. Schedule is set by the Nursing Management prior to shift’s start.

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