BreakThru Medical Withdrawal Management

Break the Cycle of Substance Misuse

BreakThru’s Unique Advantage
Substance use disorder is a medical condition and should be treated by medical professionals in a hospital setting.

BreakThru™ is a medical withdrawal management service located within Summit Surgical Hospital. Using a multidisciplinary team approach, withdrawal symptoms and medical comorbidities are medically managed throughout the withdrawal period, ensuring safe and effective medical outcomes.

Service Goals

BreakThru is devoted to focusing on integrity and quality to create a healthier and better life for those impacted by substance use. We provide a safe withdrawal process by:

  • Reducing immediate withdrawal symptoms
  • Providing withdrawal management that preserves the patient’s dignity
  • Establishing the immediate aftercare discharge plan
  • Measuring patient outcomes up to one-year after discharge

Individualized Care and Treatment

BreakThru’s individualized withdrawal management helps get clients safely through substance use withdrawal.

We provide:

  • A safe, comfortable, private and confidential hospital environment
  • Round-the-clock treatment and supervision by medical professionals trained in alleviating the effects of withdrawal
  • Medications based on the patient’s condition, state of health and case history to minimize the symptoms and eliminate potential complications of withdrawal
  • An immediate aftercare discharge plan created with each client is established in the continuum of care for successful remission or recovery

Aiding With Recovery

We offer an innovative medical collaboration between the hospital and local community organizations to establish a personalized aftercare discharge plan.

BreakThru clients are then followed for one year to determine recovery outcomes. We follow-up to check general health, sobriety and levels of engagement in treatment.

If you or someone you know is suffering from substance use disorder or has drug and alcohol problems, please contact BreakThru at Summit Surgical Hospital.

Covered by most major insurance carriers, Medicaid and Medicare. Other financing options are available.

For more information on the BreakThru™ service or to schedule your admission, call 620-218-0636


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