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Hospitality & Janitorial

Absolutely, no job or task is too minor or less important, and every role plays a vital role in ensuring the success of an organization. If you are looking for a career in hospitality or janitorial work at Summit Surgical, there are several potential career paths available to you.

As a hospitality professional, you could work in various roles within Summit Surgical, such as a front desk receptionist, patient services representative, or a patient care coordinator. In these roles, you would be responsible for greeting patients, checking them in for appointments, scheduling appointments, and providing excellent customer service to ensure a positive patient experience. You would work closely with other healthcare professionals, including physicians and nurses, to ensure patients receive high-quality care throughout their visit.

As a janitorial professional, you could work in various roles within Summit Surgical, such as a housekeeper or a custodian. In these roles, you would be responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and sanitation of the healthcare facility, including patient rooms, operating rooms, waiting areas, and common areas. You would work closely with other healthcare professionals to ensure a safe and hygienic environment for patients and staff.

Both hospitality and janitorial roles at Summit Surgical offer opportunities for career growth and advancement. For example, with experience and training, you could move into a supervisory or management role within your department, overseeing other staff members and ensuring departmental goals are met. Additionally, you could pursue further education or training in a related field, such as healthcare administration or facilities management, to expand your career options.

Overall, working in hospitality or janitorial roles at Summit Surgical offers a fulfilling and rewarding career path, where you can make a positive impact on the lives of patients and contribute to the success of a dynamic healthcare organization.


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