Please note: the prices listed do not apply to patients who are scheduled for a procedure at The Summit that is being billed to insurance. patients covered under federal programs such as medicare and tricare are also not able to participate in this program.

Our goal is for the surgery or procedure price to be as transparent as possible so you as the healthcare consumer can make the most informed decision about your surgery.

The Cash Prices listed only apply to patients who pay the entire fee in advance, prior to the surgery. We are able to offer the prices in this program due to the lack of expense in processing and collecting on claims as well as the absence of risk for non-payment. If you are not prepared to pay in full before your surgery, we can provide you information on financing with a medical lender.

The prices for the procedures listed on this website INCLUDE the following:

  • Summit Surgical Hospital’s Fees—Operating Room and Recovery Areas
  • Surgeon’s Fees
  • Anesthesia Fees
  • Standard Implants and Hardware
  • Overnight Stay (up to 3-night Stay for certain procedures)
  • One pre-op visit and one post-op visit

A list of what is NOT included in the surgical fee is as follows:

  • Any necessary diagnostic studies prior to the surgery such as lab work, MRI, and/or X-rays, or other diagnostic imaging.
  • Any unanticipated Lab Fees or Pathology Reports for Biopsies or Tissue samples that are collected during the surgery.
  • Consultations with specialists to determine medical risk/management.
    Physical therapy and rehabilitation after the surgery.
  • Long-term acute care and rehab care facilities (beyond the 3-night stay that is included in the surgical fee for certain procedures).
  • Lodging and travel expenses.

Expenses or fees resulting from complications subsequent to the completion of surgery and discharge from the facility.

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Some Hospitals and Surgery Centers advertise “All-Inclusive, Total Price Transparency”, quoting Cash-Prices for surgical procedures that EXCLUDE implants, hardware, and/or the Overnight/Extended stay, resulting in additional hidden costs that can add thousands of dollars to your Surgical cost.

Summit Surgical Hospital’s posted pricing INCLUDE all standard Implant costs associated with your surgery, with no surprises. Our posted price for surgical procedures truly represents All-Inclusive, Total Price Transparency.

Total Shoulder Replacement Anatomical23472$21,485.00
Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement23472$22,985.00
Shoulder Scope w/Labral Repair29806$9,945.00
Rotator Cuff Repair29827$9,945.00

Trigger Finger Release26055 $3,025.00
Carpal Tunnel64721 $3,465.00

Hip Injection20610 $985.00
Total Hip Replacement27130 $20,495.00

Total Knee Replacement27447 $18,495.00
Knee Scope with Synovectomy29876 $5,895.00
Knee Scope w/Chondroplasty29877 $5,895.00
Knee Scope w/Medial & Lateral Meniscectomy29880 $5,895.00
Knee Scope w/Meniscectomy Medial or Lateral29881 $5,895.00
Knee Scope w/ACL Repair29888 $9,545.00

Office Visit – Orthopedic (New Patient)99203 $200.00
Office Visit – Orthopedic (Established)99213 $150.00

Physical Therapy Eval97161 $145.00
Physical Therapy Visit97110 $90.00
Physical Therapy – 8 Visit Package (2 x week/4 weeks)97110 $720.00
Physical Therapy 12 Visit Package, 2 x week/6 weeks, (Knee Scope Post-op)97110 $1,080.00
Physical Therapy 16 Visit Package, 2 x week/8 weeks, (Total Hip Replacement Post-op)97110 $1,440.00
Physical Therapy 24 Visit Package, 2 x week/12 weeks, (Total Knee and Total Shoulder Replacement Post-op)97110 $2,160.00
Physical Therapy 32 Visit Package, 2 x week/16 weeks, (Rotator Cuff and Labral Repair Post-Op)97110 $2,880.00
Physical Therapy 40 Visit Package, 2 x week/20 weeks, (ACL Post-op)97110 $3,600.00
Physical Therapy Focused Visit Package, 8/15 minutes sessions, (Astym)97110 $240.00

MRI – Lower ext joint without contrast73721 $450.00
MRI – Lower ext other than joint without contrast73718 $450.00
MRI – Upper ext joint without contrast73221 $450.00
MRI – Upper ext other than joint without contrast73218 $450.00
MRI – Cervical Spine without contrast72141 $450.00
MRI – Thoracic Spine without contrast72146 $450.00
MRI – Lumbar Spine without contrast72148 $450.00
MRI – Pelvis without contrast72195 $450.00