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As Hutchinson’s premier athletic facility spanning 4,000 square feet, Pinnacle Sports Performance at Summit offers top-notch services for both athletes and non-athletes of all ages. Our expert staff provides comprehensive strength and conditioning assessments, focusing on enhancing performance and minimizing the risk of injuries. We strive to unlock the full athletic potential of our clients while ensuring their safety and well-being.

At Summit, we continuously strive to provide exceptional Rehabilitation and Sports Performance services to our valued clients. Whether you are recovering from an injury or looking to enhance your athletic abilities, our dedicated team is committed to supporting you throughout your journey.

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Meet The provider

Kevin Nickel

Kevin Nickel

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Kevin Nickel, MS, CSCS, has been providing sport specific and adult fitness training to clients of all ages and abilities at PSP since 2007.

Sport training sessions offer high intensity strength and conditioning body prep in a fun, positive, safe and energetic atmosphere. Adult personal training clients enjoy the large, clean, and private studio space to work toward their goals.


Our Services

We offer year-round body prep camps and classes for athletes as well as private training options for both athletes and non-athletes of all ages. Camps range in length from 4 days to 8 weeks or choose a drop-in package to suit your schedule.

Youth Athlete Development (Ages 7-10)

Athletes will learn and practice all foundational movements necessary for building a more resilient athletic body. Youth will develop better coordination, balance and reaction as well as learn proper running, jumping, cutting and body strength training techniques.

Junior High Performance

Athletes will be pushed to improve their athletic abilities including strength, power, agility and conditioning. All athletes will receive power testing and age ranking (vertical, automatic timed 10yd and 5-10-5 pro agility) along with other applicable tests for their sport and position. Athletes will receive instruction for learning and performing proper weight training techniques.

High School Performance

Athletes will build performance gains through proper form drills, sport specific plyometrics, sprint sets, agility drills, strength training and conditioning sets. All athletes will receive pre and post camp/package testing with national power ranking that includes 10yd sprint, pro agility, and vertical jump. Other applicable tests and ACL injury risk assessment will also be performed. Our previous clients include numerous All-League, All-State, Shrine Bowl and other award winners with many continuing on to compete at the college and professional level.

Private Sport and Fitness Training (All Ages)

We have worked one-on-one with professional athletes, youth athletes and athletes returning from injury as well as career professionals and older adults into their 90’s. We are committed to helping EVERYONE achieve their full potential! We will build a customized program based on a thorough assessment and the goals you want to achieve.

Return to Sport and Return to Life

We work with many athletes and non-athletes alike following their injury and rehabilitation to build their strength and fitness back to pre-injury levels. We work closely with your physical therapist for a seamless transition to continue training towards your pre-injury capabilities and beyond.

Additional Services

Free PE Class Instruction/Demonstration
On-Site Team Clinics
Event Speaker

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